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Discussion in 'Aluma CCD Series' started by Philip Taylor, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Philip Taylor

    Philip Taylor Standard User

    Dec 9, 2019
    I am hoping to use an Aluma camera (47-10) with National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW software. I need to determine whether this is feasible (NI do not show Aluma cameras in their supported camera list).

    National Instruments state that they support USB 2.0 connected cameras if their driver software is compatible with the Microsoft DirectShow API (now included in Windows SDK). Images are acquired in NI LabVIEW using DirectShow over the USB 2.0 bus.

    Is there any way to determine whether this is the case for the Aluma Windows software? I don't currently have access to the camera for testing.
  2. Colin Haig

    Colin Haig Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    HI Philip, Thanks for reaching out.
    We have an SDK for the Aluma series cameras on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. ASCOM support is also included on Windows.
    DirectShow is typically used for streaming video; our cameras are still-image cameras, usually set up for long exposures (eg 20 minutes is not uncommon).
    So, no, we don't have DirectShow support.
    I believe there is a Simulator application that behaves a lot like the camera, so if you don't have one, you might be able to develop something without the camera, and then refine it with the real thing.

    My colleague @Adam Robichaud has done some LabView work in the past, and may have some other ideas.

    I popped by your website, some very interesting things there!
    I'd be interested to know what application you have in mind for the camera - feel free to send a private message if necessary.

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