1. Hirofumi Tanaka

    Hirofumi Tanaka Cyanogen Customer

    Aug 6, 2018
    I have just recognized that Aluma8300+FW8G+AO-8 moves very nice.
    It does under the latest camera firmware(r20) and MaxIm DL 6.21.

    The camera works well under DL imaging. Filter type is DL imaging+AO.
    The AO-8 is specified as sensor1/2 in the small setting window.
    Perhaps, the sensor type may comes from camera's two I2C ports.
    At first, I don't know which one is sensor1/2.

    But when light image can not be taken and MaxIm DL tells error msg;
    meaning proper driver not prepared,,then I change the sensor number.
    After that all works good.

    Anyway, finally I get it. Thanks so much for efforts of Diffraction

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