ASCOM driver for STF-8300

Discussion in 'STF Series CCD Cameras' started by Aleh, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Doug

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    Sep 25, 2014
    All of our cameras that are currently being manufactured (Aluma CCD, Aluma AC, STC, and StarChaser series) use the new generation DL Imaging driver, which does include ASCOM support.
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  2. William Castleman

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    Jun 28, 2019
    Thank you for correcting my misunderstanding about ASCOM Drivers for SBIG cameras

    I downloaded and installed your latest ASCOM drivers onto my Windows 10 Eagle4s and tried to use them with my Aluma 694 and NINA. NINA recognized the SBIG camera ASCOM choice in the menu. When I tried to connect, I got an error message that they were X86 drivers and would not connect. NINA requires 64-bit drivers installed as true 64-bit drivers. Downloading and installing your ASCOM drivers had one other effect in that they caused Maxim DL 6.2 to crash every time I tried to connect to my Aluma 694. I had to uninstall Maxim DL, delete the Diffraction Limited directory in Program Files (x86) and then do a clean install to get Maxim DL to function again with my Aluma 694. I considered updating my Maxim DL subscription. However, at this point I am reluctant to spend another $175 to update Maxim DL if it doesn't have 64-bit drivers that will interface with NINA.
    Thank you for your assistance.

    P.S. - I have moved from the original topic of this thread and will start a new thread focused on 64-bit ASCOM drivers for the Aluma694.
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  3. Cedric Raguenaud

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    Aug 3, 2021
    Hi all,

    I'm late to the thread, but being owner of a STF-8300 and wanting to try NINA and Voyager, I spent a weekend writing my own ASCOM drivers for SBIG cameras (and a little time since tweaking with the help of users on CN). At the moment it provides access to imaging CCD, FW, and temperature control.

    It is in the process of being tested. So far so good on STF-8050 and STF-8300 with SGP, NINA, Voyager, Sharpcap, apart from a weirdness with some of them that display the image vertical (there must be confusion between the axes, but it's a small issue). I'm also planning to add access to the guiding chip of the STT (just found one) to use from Phd.

    For those interested to test it: SBIG Camera Setup.exe
    It installs drivers "ASCOM SBIG Imaging Camera Driver" for the imaging camera and "ASCOM SBIG FilterWheel Driver" for the filter wheel.

    I'm interested in feedback from DL if you want to provide any. The source is available on GitHub:


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