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    May 13, 2018
    There were noticeable 'dust-donuts' in the M51 using a Canon 6D which I haven't used for awhile . I was cleaning it yesterday and I had the
    cap off the front and turned on the 'Live View' to see anything looking at a light and I didn't see too much but I cleaned the 'sensor' glass
    and I looked again and then I magnified to 'Live View' to ' 10 ' which is the highest magnification and I scrolled around the whole 'sensor'
    and there were enumerous amounts of slight 'dust-donuts' especially around the edges and some high content in a corner . I cleaned and
    cleaned the 'sensor' and tried looking again and they were still there …?.. I don't know if it's an LCD screen artifact or coating stain
    or the problem is behind the glass and you can't clean it ? . I can really only see them at the highest magnification .
    While looking at a light with the 'dust-cap' off the front of the Canon 6D with the 'Live-View' turned ON I tried the 'Dust Delete' option in the
    DSLR's Menu and it cluncks two times to 'Sensor Clean' and then says push the Shutter button and then a scroll across the LCD screen happens
    for about 20 seconds and it might say OK acquired 'Dust Delete Data' . If I can't eventually get the outer edges of the 'sensor' clean it might be
    on the backside of the 'sensor' glass and I'm not sure the 'Dust Delete' actually sees what I see but I'l try 'Exposure Compensation' and take
    images with a tripod to hold the camera and use the TC80N3 to activate the Shutter and then look at the image and magnify it and scroll around
    till I find the 'dust-donut' mishaps if I can see them in and image …. there were so many in one corner I think that might be what I think is a
    ' vignetting ' in some images and a 'flat' frame would reveal the same affect like there if ' fall-off ' in the outer edges of images but it might be the
    small ' dust-donuts' instead …. if the 'Dust Delete' can remove them it would be doing the job that a 'flat' frame would be doing and there might not
    be any ' vignetting ' in some of the Configurations I'm doing like with an APM Flattener and the Canon 6D 35mm images . ??? .x
    The CanonEOSII Rebel T7i only has one small dot in the ' Live-View' in the top-left at ' 10 ' for maximum magnification .. but it also did a
    'Dust Delete' that said Data acquired .x

    Here is the Bubble again with different colors as FalseColor .x

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