CCDSoft2XAdaptor memory error. Error = 205.

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    Bit of a long shot but possibly one of the recent Windows updates has corrupted the camera driver, running the SBIG driver updater won't replace a faulty driver file unless the installed version is older than the current version, you must manually remove the installed drivers first.

    With the camera disconnected run the SBIG Driver Checker utility and hit the remove button, then, once the drivers are reported removed close the utility and in Windows control panel remove the SBIG Driver checker from the system.

    Reboot the PC, download a fresh copy of the SBIG Driver Checker and run it to install fresh copies of the current drivers.

    Connect the camera and follow steps 1 to 11 in the attached txt file to force-update the camera driver, you probably won't see a driver warning (yellow exclamation mark) against the camera in device manager as Windows will be happy with the installed driver but go ahead anyway and follow the manual driver update steps to be sure Windows overwrites the existing driver.



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