fw8-8300 from an old ST8300 ccd to a new ST-F 8300

Discussion in 'Filter Wheels' started by Tommaso, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Tommaso

    Tommaso Standard User

    Mar 22, 2017
    Hi all,
    I'm Tommaso, from Italy
    first of all sorry for my bad english .
    I have a big problem!
    I have got an old ccd ST 8300 mono with a fw8-8300 filter wheel. I recentrly bought a new ST-F 8300 and installed my old filter wheel and yesterday I ran the first tests.

    When I turn on the ccd i hear the wheel spin as usual and get the position 1, but when i connect it to my pc with the usb it starts to run to the opposite direction (from 1 to 8, 7, 6....) making a strange noise!
    With CCDOps I can't rotate the wheel to the required positions, sometimes it stops between two filters. I tried to initialize/calibrate the wheel but i get various error messages like:
    - your filter wheel don't need a calibration
    - to busy
    - motor error

    Drivers are update to the latest version.

    I don't know if my wheel need a firmware upgrade or if there's a driver error or other...

    The I2C cable is plugged in when i turn on the camera, the optical sensor in the wheel is in the right position.

    waiing for help

  2. Tommaso

    Tommaso Standard User

    Mar 22, 2017
    I saw that my i2c cable has different order and colors from others found on the web in particular mine is red/orange/violet/yellow/transparent,

    but in others wheel i saw that the order is yellow/violet/green/orange/transparent

    Maybe during the years is changed the order of the i2c cable and now I have these problems with the nex CCD?
  3. Bill

    Bill SBIG Service and Repairs Staff Member

    Oct 12, 2014

    The colors of the wires inside the serial cables have varied over the years. What is important is the pin outs of the connector and not so much the wire color. The filter wheel cable uses pins 5, 4, 3, 8 and Shield (transparent). The color of the wire connected to pin 5 of an older cable may or may not be the same color as the wire connected to pin 5 on a newer cable. What matters is where that pin 5 wire is soldered on the terminal strip.

    Send me an email, bill@sbig.com, and I will reply to you on Monday with the correct order.

    The "busy" error message often occurs as a result of connecting the FW cable to the I2C port of the camera while the camera is already energized. This often causes a fuse to blow in the camera and subsequently you'll get the "busy" error.

    You've described some fairly odd behavior, it may be best to have the equipment sent in for testing and evaluation.


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