How to install SBIG Universal driver.

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    Note: The "SBIG Universal" drivers are used for older SBIG cameras,
    including ST, STF, STL, STT, STX, and STXL series. Newer SBIG
    cameras use the DL Imaging drivers.

    To install the latest version of SBIG driver, please follow the next few steps:

    Which driver to download:
    If you have SBIG USB cameras, then download the latest SetupDriverChecker64 from: and do not use one from your CDROM.
    This installer runs on both 32 and 64 bit Windows - XP, 7, 8, etc.

    If you have an older SBIG Parallel Port cameras, then you have to download the last official
    relaase of DriverChecker (Ver. 3.11, Build 4, Nov 2011) from:

    How to install SBIG driver from the scratch (recommended):
    This method has to be used if you already have an older installer on your system prior 4/2013.
    That time, SBIG switched to Win8 and released a new SetupDriverChecker64 installer which
    also installs several additional Windows libraries, so if you have installer released prior that time,
    those libraries will not be installed and your cameras will not work.

    Furthermore, from time to time, we add some new features to SBIGDriverChecker64 application,
    especially for log purpoces, so that's why this installtion method is prefered one.

    1) On Windows 7, 8, you need admin priviledges to install SBIG driver, so right click on
    SetupDriverChecker64 installer and select "Run as administrator". An installer will quide
    you the whole installation process.
    2) When installer finished its work, run SBIGDriverChecker64 application.
    3) Press "Remove" button to remove an old SBIG driver.
    4) Press "Download" button to download the latest driver from SBIG web page.
    5) Press "Update" button to install the downloaded driver.

    How to update SBIG driver:
    1) Run SBIGDriverChecker64 application.
    2) Press "Download" button to download the latest driver from SBIG web page.
    3) Press "Update" button to install the downloaded driver.

    Now, your driver should be up-to-date.


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