How To Reset PinPoint LE License

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    Sep 25, 2014
    The MaxIm DL installer automatically installs the latest version of PinPoint.

    If you have an old, expired full PinPoint license this may cause PinPoint to no longer function. If you do not wish to upgrade your full PinPoint license, you can revert to running the included PinPoint LE license.
    1. Download the attached file and unzip it. Double-click the included FixPinPointLE.bat file.
    2. You will be asked for Administrator permission (UAC Prompt). Click Yes and if required enter appropriate credentials.
    3. This will invoke a special command in MaxIm DL, which will install the PinPoint LE license and then exit.
    4. Start MaxIm DL normally and verify that the PinPoint LE license now works.

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