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    May 13, 2018
    152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare-1200mmF/L) and CanonEOSII RebelT7i modified UV-IR @ Hutech thru a TeleVue 2XPowerMate with 35mm T-Ring for an effect of 2400mmFL and a BreakThrough X4-UV 49mm filter with step-rings to 48mm . I did MaximDL Pro V6.16 RAWMonochrome Autosave Sequences with 67secISO100 flush-frames between each 'light' frame ; five 67sec ISO800-1600-3200-6400-12800 , eight 87secISO800-1600-3200-6400-12800 , nine 107secISO800-1600-3200-6400-12800 , four 127secISO1600-3200-6400-12800 , five 157secISO800-1600-3200-6400-12800 , and four 187seISO3200-6400 , and two 247secISO3200-6400 . I didn't 'calibrate' the images and I used " ConvertColor-Scaling: R55 G80 B60 " , I then Sum stacked each Sequence and there were ten Sequences , and then I used "DigitalDevelopment-GaussianBlur: 1.0 " and then "ColorAdjust -Background with 2.00% and Yellow once and Cyan twice" , and the results of each I Sum stacked . I used "Curves-Luminance" , "Levels-Gamma" , "Adjust Saturation" "Color Balance" , "Kernal Filter -High-Pass-More Low Pass-More Average7x7 High Pass-More two different times with Pixels Restrictions for the dark lanes " . The camera could be turned to a 90* degree angle because the galaxy is large . x

    [ I Two Star Aligned and I had the Rebel's 'Auto Clean Now-Enabled' and then I turned off the camera and I turned it back on and then I did 'Auto Clean Now-Disabled' and then I hooked to MaximDL Pro and then from Merak I did a GoTo to M106 and then I 'calibrated' the Guider at 1xSiderealGuideRate and then 'guiding' and I did the RebelT7i for 90secISO800 to locate M106 to 'solve' and 'Sync' and do a GoTo again to M106 and the camera now has a 90secISO800 'Bad Pixel Map' in it's processor ... which might be working better for the images during RAWMonchrome Autosave Sequences .!? . ] . x

    Next time I do M106 when the Moon isn't in the sky I'l use the Lumicon DeepSky filter and then the OrionSkyGlow and then the IDAS UV 82mm filter that makes a modified DSLR near 'stock' colors and I'l see which filter has the least amount of over-saturated 'red' . x

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