M27 as CR2.'s into MaximDL Pro V6.16

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    May 13, 2018
    Here is M27 for 35secISO1600 with a Canon Rebel T7i modified without using a filter and thru an APM Flattener for 'Prime
    Focus' for 1173mmFL and 38xpwr magn., thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) and 'tracking 1xSidereal' only with an
    Astro-Physics 1200GTO 2010 Mount .There are twentyfive images here as 'one-shot color' and put into MaximDL Pro V6.16 as CR2.'s .
    A "Batch Process" formula is included that does a simple procedure and the 'settings' in the Convert Color" seem
    to be what should be used ... there is a 'check' where the "Convert Color" is... to be able to change to a different camera
    if needed and then can be 'un-checked' . * The Decline of the Mount was 'off' which I found out after doing these images
    and needed a 1/3rd turn 'up' to get into a good alignment but the RA was good ... so the images slowly drifted up image after
    image but there isn't any slight streaks in the stars so it's ok .
    The first image is at Bin1 as a jpg and only the "Batch Process" was used and then in the "Stack" command I used the
    'Auto two star' and 'Sigma-Clip' ..Delta-Level with 'Ignore over' to the highest value in any image with it for the brightest
    part in a 'red' part of the nebula . Then after 'stacking' I did a "Double Size" and the image is now at Bin1 again and here
    is the result without any further processing .
    [There is a small cropped 16BIT FITS of the Dumbbell at Bin1 from a CR2. as RAWMono that can "Convert Color" with the
    "Batch Process" settings and if you look at it at a 25% 'buffer' view you can 'check' and then 'un-check' the 'High Quality' box
    while at 'screen-stretch'..Medium and you can see a graininess happen and then not happen which if the 'High Quality' box
    is 'checked' you will need to use the "Kernal Filter-Median5x5" to clean the speckles out of the image , but if the 'High Quality'
    box is 'un-checked' like I did with this image then only the "Kernal Filter-Median3x3" will be needed .]
    Here is a 'halfsize' half Moon used to 'focus' on for a 1/4000thsecISO1600 image with the small craterlets to a sharp edge and then
    I turned West to the Dumbbell and used the same Moon 'focus' position which works good ... the Moon was done with the
    "Convert Color" and looks the same as on the back of the DSLR's LCD screen ; Picture Style-Faithful 5200K in the Rebel '3.72x3.72 pixels'.x
    The full size FITS is 8bit and "Half Size" and then "Half Size" .x
    ["Batch Process" needs ' .csq 'added to end to work.]

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