M78 .. in 62 seconds

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    May 13, 2018
    152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare-1200mmF/L) using a TeleVue .8XReducer/Flattener for an effect of 950mmFL ...using a BreakThrough X4-UV 49mm filter with 48-49mm stepup ring , using a CanonEOSII RebelT7i modified for UV-IR @ Hutech . An Astro-Physics 1200GTO Mount was used at 1xSiderealGuideRate and 6second 'guiding' exposures at Bin2 with a ZWOASI120MC-S(ASCOM Driver) because the stars were small . I just did 'one-shotColor' images taken for 30 seconds each ... eight ISO3200 and eight ISO6400 images and one 81secISO6400 image with an 'Interval between of 30 seconds ' thru the DSLR using the Canon EOS Utility 'Remote shooting..' . I did a "BatchProcess" on the CR2.s as 'Calibrate' , 'ConvertColor-Scaling Red-70% Green-80% Blue-90%' , 'Make Pixels Square' , 'KernalFilter-Median5x5' , 'Resize from 3.72 to 6.5micron size pixels' , 'Make Pixels Square' , Bin2 , 'Make Pixels square' , 'PinPointAstrometry-USNOA2 solved' and 'Save As...IEEEFloat' . Then I 'Astrometric' 'Average' stacked the seventeen FITS images . I used the "ColorBalance-Scaling 300% for Red Green Blue and Auto button for Background" , and then 'Curves-Luminance' , 'Auto Flatten Background' , 'Auto Remove Gradient' , and 'PixelMath' , and 'Levels' . This image is stretched to the maximum to show content ...and the result is 62secISO3200 and ISO6400 .x

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