New AO-X Needs Warranty Work

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    Oct 10, 2014
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    Hi Doug,
    I received a new AO-X today and find that the optical element has fallen free of the gimble ring. I guess I need an RMA.

    I didn't notice anything amiss while I was installing the AO unit onto my STXL11002M/FW8G. I guess because the AO lens was always facing up after I removed the foam inserts and the back plate. After putting everything back together I fired it up this evening and found it didn't seem to guide at all. I removed the assembly and upon opening it up I found the lens had tumbled out of the gimble ring almost down onto the filters below. There is some silicone adhesive on the edge of the lens but almost no residue on the metal ring

    I think the AO-X can be safely shipped if I slip the lens back into the gimble frame, put everything back together and place the foam inserts back in position. However, I won't do anything until directed by someone at Diffraction.

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