NGC2264 Christmastree Nebula re-done using Deinterlace

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    May 13, 2018
    I was doing some 'flat' frames last week with the RebelT7i thru MaximDL Pro V6.16 and I shut off the laptop and
    about two hours later I turned it on to look at the 'flats' and something happened to MaximDL Pro ..? .. the 'File' names
    dropdown list was in the lower buffer window and it wouldn't move and I press the 'red' 'X' on it and I never seen it again.
    I un-installed MaximDL Pro V6.16 and did a Restart and I Installed MaximDL Pro V6.16 and the top are dropdown lists
    with commands in .. they were 'File' , 'Edit' , 'View' , 'Process' , 'Filters' , Color' ...etc. and 'Add Plug-ins' , and 'About' and
    none of these exist anymore in my version . I also installed over V6.16 the V6.20 up-date I have . I think something is
    wrong or they have eliminated those named dropdown lists and I have it all set up with the 'icons' I normally use and there
    is an option for ' New Menu ' when you 'right-click' on the buffer window for 'tool bars' and 'customize' to setup things ,
    in the ' New Menu ' I put the long opening commands like 'Double Size' and 'Half Size' and 'Level' and a lot of all the other
    'icons' for any command I don't use while imaging . It's complicated but if that's the way it is now .. then that's it . Sometimes
    the MaximDL Pro V6.16 -V6.20 will crash .. but it does it immediately without 'blue-screening' and you just have to turn it back on .x
    CanonEOS RebetT7i 'modi. UV-IR @ Hutech' using a BaaderUV-IR 2in. filter thru a TeleVue .8XReducer/Flattener for 950mmF/L
    thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) on an Astro-Physics 1200GTO Mount for nine 157secISO6400 'one-shotColor'
    PictureStyle-Faithful 5200K' and as CR2.s I did a 'Calibrate' , 'ConvertColor' , and 'KernalFilter-Median5x5' on each image
    staying at Bin1 without using 'MakePixelsSquare' to retaing the original pixel shapes . On each image I did the
    'Deinterlace' command which separates into two images as 'Even' and 'Odd' which are the even and odd rows in each image separated .
    Then I did 'KernalFilter-Median3x3 with pixel-restrictions 0-1850 ans Radius 2 and Feathering 24 ' to the 'Even' and 'Odd' images ;
    these values were where some 'blackish' lines ran horizontal thru the lower area and into a faint red area ..... so this removed them
    somewhat and looked OK . NEXT, I put the 'Even' and 'Odd' images into the 'Stack' command and for 'Ailgn' I used the 'Auto-Correlation' and
    then 'Sum' stacked them back together . Next, I used the 'Make Pixels Square' just this one time to finish the image and I did a 'Resize
    from 3.72 pixels to 6.55 sized pixels ....[ because the MaximDL Pro V6.20 Manual says about "Deinterlace" is that the rows are 'even' and
    'odd' and sometimes they don't align right after download ... so this can fix that ..] . I then did the 'FFT Filters Low-Pass 'Mild' with pixel-restrictions 0-3500 .
    After I did this the each image I Astrometric 'solved' them while they were still at Bin1 this whole time and then I did a Max-Val 'screen-stretch' and
    made them 12-bit with the 'Stretch' command . I then put them into the "Stack" command and used 'Align-Astrometric' and for Combine' I
    used SigmaClip 'Sigma-Factor 0.5 ' and Normalization-50% and Linear .. without any 'IgnoreOver' applied .. and when stacked .. I saw the Log say Max-Val was
    a little over 0-2200 still at Bin1 and then I did a 'DoubleSize' and then 'HalfSize' and 'Halfsize' again .
    This is the FITS without being processed and is 'screen-stretched' to show the 'object' but it can be put to Max-Val for a fresh start to work on it . x%

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