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    May 13, 2018
    Here is NGC7048 .. a planetary nebula . Using Rebel T7i without filter thru TeleVue 2.5XPwrMte into 2XPwrMte for 188xpwr and 5900mmFL
    thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OffiicnaStellare). The 'object' is faint and it took a lot in MaximDL Pro to show it from Autosave RAWMonoFIT's .
    This was after NGC6210 the other night and the sky was hazy-pale .... and almost morning . 200xpwr magnification might be better .
    An idea when you start for the night with high power magnification is to use the buttons on the Mount's keypad and with an alignment star
    in the 'center' of the 'Live View' on a DSLR move the star from one side to the other and on a paper you draw a rectangle with a star
    in the 'center' and arrows to the left and right and up and down and mark which button key moves the star in the LCD screen for East and West
    and North and South so when you try to find a small nebula like NGC6210 that doesn't have too many stars but the nebula is at least in the LCD
    screen or in like MaximDL Pro's image 'buffer' screen can look at the paper and see which buttons will move the nebula to try to get it 'centered' ..
    which can help if a 'solve' doesn't work .x
    The FITS is 'halfsize' then 'halfsize' from Bin1 and will "PinPoint Astrometry" 'USNO-A2' 'solve' with 'Std.Dev. 1.0' and use '200 stars' and from
    6th to 17.50 magnitude , and the image isn't hardly cropped from original size .
    "Deconvolve" used 10400 for 'Background' but it took some of the 'object' away so I changed it
    to 9500 and the 'object' is there but still dim .
    I saw the 'planetary' mark in StarryNight Pro that said 1'arc-min .

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