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    May 13, 2018
    I got an "Refractor Collimator" for $27.00 early Friday and just today I tried to
    'collimate' the 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) . I put in the Refractor Collimator without it's
    'cross-hair reticle' in it and shined a small flashlight into the side and I used 2.50 magnification reading
    glasses to look in through the small end hole and I could see what would be an artificial star . There are
    three main screws on the refractor cell to tighten to the Telescope tube and I loosened them and could
    then see the light circle was changing shape . I adjusted the top tightening bolt to make the round
    circle to it's smallest size . Then the two other tightening screws at the bottom ... like a triangle
    situation ...and the telescope laying flat across an upholstered chain indoors I adjusted the lower two
    screws to different positions and checked each time and at some points there were two round circles
    side by side .. so that wouldn't be the spot , and then adjusted till the faint circles merged and then to
    the smallest size and that is probably a good spot . But it'l take about a week till there isn't the Moon
    in the sky to get a good star image and see if it is really that quick and easy .... if it is it is really worth it .
    Otherwise it would take hours maybe to try different positions and checking the images .
    You loosen the main tightening bolts and make the adjustment with the small screws by the large tightening
    bolts with a LOZOS Lens Refractor Cell and then re-tighten the main large screws to hold it in place and then check with the "Refractor Collimator" ..repeating these steps till it is a good position ;
    ... APM has the same kind of Cell housing .

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