Refractor Collimator 'Flattener'

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    May 13, 2018
    Canon EOS Rebel T7i 'modified-Hutech' using a 20mm Pentax Eyepiece for eyepiece-projection into an APM Flattener thru a 152mm A+M
    Refractor(OfficinaStellare) hoping to correct the 'flarring' but it didn't on M16 .. which 'solved' at 2500mmF/F .
    I then switched to the normal PrimeFocus with the APM Flattener and Rebel T7i and tried an un-guided 1xSidereal 'one-shot' color
    image at about 3:30amEDT early this morning and the 'collimating' I did with the Refractor Collimator might have helped the stars to
    the edges.. but this image is with the APM Flattener with it's original housing for just 'crop-factor' camera images , M27 was used
    and 'solved' at 1175mm F/L with only a Moon 'focus' done to it before the image was taken .x

    I tried 'collimating' the APM Flattener on it's own inside with extention tubes to about 1 1/2 ft. and put the Refractor Collimator into
    it and shined a light in the side but I couldn't really 'collimate' it so I left it alone and put the original back housing on the Flattener
    for 'crop-factor' cameras and I left it that way because all the ring edges you can see in it are symmetrical but the
    'center' maybe lit area is a little off to one side from the center most position.. but this M27 image looks ok 'star' wise but there
    is a faint glow toward the left that could be gradient from the Moon or ...I will try looking again with Refractor Collimator and
    then remove the three main screws and take off the from section and loosen the retention ring on the glass and rotate the glass
    a half turn and tighten the retention ring and put on the front housing piece again and tighten it and look thru the Refractor Collimator
    again and see if the glow in the center has shift to another position and if it does I will find where it becomes center by retrying rotating
    the first glass section again .. which means the glass might have to be in there a certain way to reduce the glow off-center in images .x

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