Repairing or installing Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime

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    Oct 27, 2014
    Ever had a report of a missing MSVC component? Or a recently installed a program fails to start on a new or freshly reloaded computer?

    Under normal circumstances, when you install a program on a computer, it includes any necessary components so that it will work properly when it is launched. This may include the installation of Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime components.

    When you install the ASCOM Platform, MaxIm DL Pro, or other software, it checks to see if needed MS runtime components are present, and if not found, it will install them automatically.

    In the specific situation where a runtime component is missing, here's an easy way to check if it is installed.
    Start... Settings... Apps & features will include list, like this:
    In this example, you can see several of these Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable runtime components. Click on the one of interest, and it will show you the version number, installation date, and offer you a [Modify] button to repair it or make changes.

    If the runtime is not present, then you can select the application that needed it in Apps & features and click [Modify] to repair it. For example, let's search for MaxIm:
    When you click on it, it will reveal a [Modify] option. Click that button, after a few screens go by, you will see the option to repair the installation:
    Select (x) Repair, and follow the steps.

    If that still isn't working for you, you can download the Microsoft Runtime components you need here:

    Usually you will want the x86 version. Some programs that are built for 64-bit operation only will require the x64 version.

    Good luck and clear skies!

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