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    May 13, 2018
    Saturn... ZWOASI120MC-S WebCam thru 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) at 1200mm F/L using a TeleVue 2.5XPowrMate into 2XPowerMate for 5400mm F/L which for a 35mm 'sensor' is 108xpower magnification . Diffraction Limited - MaximDL Pro Forums convinced me that there isn't any
    extra special , magical magnification when using a crop-factor 'sensor' ... they are all the same as a 35mm 'sensor' reality state of existance... it's the mmF/L that determines the magnification..
    So, I'm glad I got that figured out ... so this WebCam is another thing that would fool me to believe I'm at a much higher magnification with this image but it isn't . { 5400 divided by 50 is about 108xpwer magnification due to a belief that dividing a F/L by 50 is an approximate magnification
    when using a 35mm sensor.. but I don't know who's formula that is .}
    605 frames of 2100 frames done in RegiStax .x

    I tried that site in the last message and seen it was CCD Calculator and I used the TMB 1200FL scope
    and the SBIG STL11000 as a 35mm sensor but I changed the pixel size to 6.55 and for Barlow at 6 for
    a 2XPwrMte into a 4XPwrMte and it said 7200mm FL this case it's mathematics ... but if you use
    MaximDL Pro with "PinPoint Astrometry" 'Full Version' it will 'solve' at Bin3 and then another Bin3
    for 9360mm FL ... so there isn't a more powerful method for reality than this . For some reason these
    two PowerMates together are acting different than they're supposed to ...which is surprising .! But,
    TeleVue says a 5XPowerMate will see at higher magnifications for each 35mm distance the camera is from the PowerMate for uo to an 8XPowerMate by using a 5XPowerMate ... but I don't have one yet to see .
    What I want to do is see the 'pulsar' in the M1 Crab separated from the star next to it so that might happen soon , about 100xpower should do it .
    The messages sent to Gmail say to not reply to these messages so I can only relay what I am figuring out which
    becomes a long story . Due to MaximDL Pro I think I have it down to a fact with "PinPoint Astrometry"
    what the F/L really is .... this is just a new idea of mine to look into this and the two different DSLR's seem to see the same F/L . . . . like you're saying they do .

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