SC-2 ASCOM driver causes ASCOM diagnostics error

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  1. Pieter Strauss

    Pieter Strauss Cyanogen Customer

    Nov 3, 2014
    Sorry this is long, some of my steps might have affected the outcome. My goal is to use PHD2 to guide via the SC-2 camera/OAG.


    Ascom 6.4 sp1, Windows 10 uptodate, HP laptop

    Following SC-2 manual, run SetupDLAPI.

    This utility connects to information in SC-2, but does not have any way to make changes ( and I have no information on what changes I might make) and no way to save or apply the information. See attachment DL Config screen. (By contrast. the STC-7 manual contains detailed information as to how to setup the camera in MaximDL)

    Try to connect in PHD2, connection fails.

    Run ASCOM diagnostics. See attachment ASCOM error 04 17 2021. It contains error info from both ASCOM 6.4 and 6.5.

    Read “readme” file.

    Run DLImaginaASCOMDriverInstaller.

    Run ASCOM diagnostics again. Same or similar error.

    Install ASCOM 6.5 sp1

    Run DLImaginaASCOMDriverInstaller again.

    Run SetupDLAPI again.

    Run ASCOM diagnostics again. Same or similar error.


    In MaximDL connect to STC-7 as camera 1 and SC-2 as camera 2. When running setup on SC-2 the screen appears to be an invocation of the DLAPI. Don’t see any changes to make.

    Am able to get images through both STC-7 and SC-2 and focus very roughly (daytime.)

    Run ASCOM diagnostics. Same error.

    Try again to connect with PHD2. There is a configuration button next to the connect button. I click on it, and an ASCOM window appears referencing the SC-2 camera. Now I am able to connect. Since it is day, I can’t tell how well the camera is functioning, but I appear to be getting some sort of image.

    Run ASCOM diagnostics again. Same error.

    So the question is, what will it take to get ASCOM to be happy with the SC-2 driver?

    --Pieter Strauss

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  2. Colin Haig

    Colin Haig Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    It's best to run ASCOM Platform 6.5 Service Pack SP1.

    Ok, first the good news - it looks like your PC sees both cameras.

    1. ASCOM - Platform Diagnostics
    Set up the first ASCOM camera as DL Imaging, set to the STC-7, like this:
    Hit OK, and then try the [Connect] button to see if it connects successfully.

    Set up the second ASCOM camera as DL Imaging Camera 2, set to the STC-7, like this:
    Hit OK, and then try the [Connect] button to see if it connects successfully.

    2. PHD2
    For some reason, PHD2 doesnt allow a lot of flexibility in ASCOM setup.
    So simply do the ASCOM Diagnositcs as above.
    The in PHD2, set the camera to ASCOM = DL Imaging Camera 2

    Then it should just work.

    3. MaxIm DL Pro
    Both cameras are DL Imaging cameras, not the older SBIG Universal driver cameas.
    Make sure you see the * beside the device in the list, that indicates it is the one selected.
    Camera 1:
    This will set Camera 1 to the STC-7.
    (Don't forget the filter wheel)

    Camera 2:
    This will bind Camera 2 to the SC-2 guider.

    That should do it.
  3. Pieter Strauss

    Pieter Strauss Cyanogen Customer

    Nov 3, 2014
    Thanks, Colin. Problem solved, thought not in the way I expected.
    Hooked things up (indoors, during daylight, lots of snow and clouds here). I thought ASCOM might want to see the STC7 first, so I tried to access it. Same error. Ditto the SC2. Hmm.
    Went through everything again -- connected both to MaximDL, no issue, practiced focusing. Disconnected. Connected both to PHD2, one at a time, no issues.
    Went back to ASCOM, thinking handwaving might have solved things. Nope.
    Then noticed that the default mode for the Device Connection Tester was "Operating in 64 bit mode", and your screen shots showed "Operating in 32 bit mode". I found the dropdown that allowed me to select 32 bit mode on 64 bit OS, and Bob's Your Uncle!
    Now able to get the connection via ASCOM diagnostics, all well. I'm assuming PHD2 defaults to 32 bit mode.

    Many thanks, all's well that ends well.

    BTW, when the STC-7 is in focus (I use the ha filter and .009 sec exposure), the SC-2 is not. Focuser knob on SC-2 doesn't seem to do much, but since here I am trying to focus through a Solar Filter at one second, fine gradations are not apparent. I note that your doco says that SC-2 focus might be dependent on pick off mirror position, I may have to wait until I can get actual stars to find out if it is working. If not, I'll open a separate incident.

    Thanks again! (Now if the blankety-blank snow and clouds would only go away...)

  4. Colin Haig

    Colin Haig Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    Ok, glad to hear it.
    Most astronomy programs for Windows are 32-bit.
    We've got some 64-bit support for various other OSes, and have a couple outstanding improvements to support a 64-bit app.
    PHD2 is 32-bit, so that's what it needs.

    Did you unlock the mirror holder (it slides) and then reposition it, then try to focus?

    Guiding on the sun is not a good way to try to sort out the SC-2 focus position. You need a small sharp point source, or you will probably overwhelm the detector.
    Good luck on the weather.

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