STLX 16200 won't turn on

Discussion in 'STX and STXL Series Cameras' started by EricC, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. EricC

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    Jan 31, 2015
    When I went to connect my STXL-16200 today after not having used it for two years, it blew a fuse in my RIGrunner power distribution unit. I normally use a 7.5 Amp fuse. I tried a second time and also tried with a 25 amp fuse and it blew both. It has never blown a fuse before. I tested for a short in the RIGrunner and its cables, but couldn't find any.
    I tried with the power supply that came with the camera and it worked.
    When I then tried with the RIGrunner , it didn't blow a fuse but didn't come on. I then tried with the power adapter that came with the camera and it didn't turn the camera on either.

    What could have been causing fuses to blow in the RIGrunner ?
    I'll try changing the fuse in the camera itself, but am worried I'll blow more fuses in the RIGrunner.
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  2. Doug

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    Sep 25, 2014
    It could have been a short circuit in the power cable. If you short power to the camera's shell it can cause damage to the camera, and/or the computer's USB port.

    Try the camera's original power supply, and connect it to a different USB port on the computer. If that works then don't try the power distribution unit and cables again!!! There's almost certainly a short circuit somewhere, and it could damage your computer and your camera.

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