STT 8300 autoguiding problem

Discussion in 'STT Series' started by chrisscottmaier, Jan 18, 2016.

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    Dec 10, 2014
    I have the above camera with the self guiding FW and a AO-8T unit. I control it with the sky x pro. I've been using this configuration for a while. Lately, I was noticing the autoguider error graph was showing zero error, sometimes both axis's but usually one axis. I see egg shaped stars in the subs. I thought I was getting great autoguiding results but wasn't. I was using the relay cable but switched to pulse guide and got the same results. I disabled the AO unit and also got the same results. I am able to calibrate fine using the relays, puleguide and AO unit. I can move the mount in both axis using the relays in the control soft ware. I slewed to a different part of the sky to test the auto guider. relcalibrate, start auto guider, seems to be working fine on both axis's. stop autoguider, then immediately restart autoguider routine(same star) and one or both axis flat line on the error graphs. since this appears to be a intermittent problem I was hoping it has happened to someone else here and could offer some help. I'm not sure if its the camera ,software or my AP mach1 mount....thanks

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