Thor's Helmut NGC2359

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    May 13, 2018
    Canon EOSII Rebel T7i 'modified by Hutech' using a 'TPO 80A light blue 2in. filter' thru a TeleVue 2XPowerMate for 2400mmF/L thru a 152mm A+M Refractor(OfficinaStellare) with exposues of 91secISO6400 for twentyfive CR2.s put into MaximDL Pro V6.16 and Drizzle stacked . Then the FITS saved as 32-bit Interger as a 16-bit image was put into "ImagesPlus" and worked on in there ... here is the result .... which shows the 'TPO 80A' filter can get enough light is a short time .. and also it does 'galaxies' in 180secISO6400 like the Leo Triplets ; but the M104 Sombrero 'over-saturates' in 60secISO6400 so maybe at ISO1600 it might work..?,
    91secISO1600 on Thor's Helmut hardly showed anything .x

    = My Gmail account from 2007 has had about 20GB init but now is 14.5GB but it won't open saying a wrong password message , but it probably came to an end ….. I'l call them but it isn't a big loss if it's done in. =
    I got to this page from MaximDL Pro V6.16 program in the 'Help' 'Technical' option .

    With this ASUS X541U laptop that has a one-piece flat finger pad doesn't have any options to turn off scrolling where the left and right buttons so it can activate at the wrong time … but a Dell laptop Windows 10 with the same kind of finger pad has an icon in the lower hidden icons that you tap on and a special page opens and you select the 'Buttons' word and the page changes and there is a 'checkbox' that you 'check' and press the active 'Save' button and the left and right click button spots won't allow the scroll of the pointer to happen , so there is more control for less mistakes .x

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